We are moved to new Platform

If you are here to access the courses that you were enrolled in, they are now moved to the new platform. Access it using the button below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the questions you may have about this platfrom transition. 

Q. I am a Silver/Gold Member. How does this affect me. ?

A. If you are a Gold/Silver member already, chances are you already have access to https://club.schoolofdevops.com and are using it. All the relevant and useful content (except for some such as Q&A etc. which were used by almost no one) has been transitioned to the new portal already. If you have purchased Silver/Gold Membership and have not received access to the new portal, do write to us at learn@schoolofdevops.com from the same email address that is registered with us.

Q. I had signed up to 30 Days Devops Bootcamp with a special offer received during Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox 2020 (https://learntocodewith.me/toolbox2020). What do I do ?

A. If you had signed up with the Ultimate Tech Career Toolbox Bundle, and want to convert it into the Silver Membership (at no extra) cost, do write to learn@schoolofdevops.com and we would set up the access for you from the backend. This would give you access to all the content you had access to , plus more offerings which are part of Silver Membership.

Q. I had purchased Ninja Pass earlier. What happens to my access ?

A. If you had bought Ninja Pass in past and have been with us since the beginning, we have already upgraded you to Silver/Gold membership already. You have access to all the content that Ninja Pass offered plus much more now. You could continue to benefit and can access the new content at https://club.schoolofdevops.com. If you have not been transitioned to new portal yet, do write to us at learn@schoolofdevops.com.

Q. I was part of a Corporate Training batch and had received access to the portal for the purpose of accessing the class recordings. What happens to my access ?

A. Since we are deprecating all class recordings, you would loose access to those. If you have already purchased our Silver/Gold Memberships, you would have been transitioned to new portal. If you are interested in understanding whats offered in the new Devops Mastery System and the Memberships , join the live showcase on Wednesday, April 26th using the details below.

Q. I had joined the portal to access a free course. What happens to my access ?

A. You have already benefitted with the free content. We are deprecating all the free content access, have moved to membership model and want to continue to cater to only serious students. If you are serious about taking your Devops Journey further, you could learn about the Devops Mastery System and be a member by attending the live showcase on Wednesday, April 26th,

Q. I still have a question , how to reach out ?

If you have any further questions which are not been addressed already, do write to learn@schoolofdevops.com.